12 Features That Bring Summery Goodness Into the Bathroom

by By Laura Gaskill
Houzz Contributor

Whether you’re decking out your beach house or just wish you were, here are 12 little things you can do to bring a touch of summer to the bath. Pour yourself some spa water, crank up the ocean sounds and read on.

Stephanie Fortier Design, original photo on Houzz

1. Succulents. Sculptural succulents are easy to care for and look right at home in a summery bathroom. And if you choose an aloe vera plant, it can do double-duty to treat sunburns.

2. A few shells. It’s true that too many shells can veer into overly themed territory — but who can resist beautiful seashells in summer? Choose just a few special ones, and showcase them along a windowsill or on a tub tray, where their subtle beauty can shine.

3. Simplified bath products. Make like a fancy spa and winnow your collection of bath and beauty products down to just your favorites (and maybe treat yourself to a few new goodies). Curate a small tray with nice soaps beside the sink and you may even forget you’re still at home.

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4. Striped towels. Especially if summers where you live get very hot and humid, switching to thinner towels — like the striped fouta-style towels shown here — is a smart move. Drying time is much quicker, and the classic stripes are nautical and crisp.

5. Found bottles. Whether your bottles are vintage beach flotsam or rescued from the recycling bin, these little treasures look as good empty as they do filled with beach roses. Set a few on the sink, or line them up in the window where they can catch the light.

Pacific Edge Builders, original photo on Houzz

6. Basketry. Woven baskets add a natural texture to the bath, and they are endlessly practical. Use one as a small laundry hamper, to corral extra towels or toilet paper rolls, or to keep bath products and beauty tools neat and orderly.

7. Shower curtain swap. Changing the shower curtain can have just as much impact in the room as painting the walls a new color. Take advantage of this, and pick out a new, summery shower curtain — perhaps rustic burlap or airy cotton voile.

NEST Interior Design Group, original photo on Houzz

8. Tie-dye. Cultivate a cool, boho vibe with a dash of tie-dye in the bath. Choose something small (like hand towels) to DIY, or go big with a tie-dye-inspired wallpaper, as shown here.

Nina Struve Photography, original photo on Houzz

9. Summery photography. Whether you purchase beach photos or blow up your own best vacation shots, having summery photography on the walls is a great way to get in the spirit of the season. Keep frames minimal for the sleek look shown here.

10. Wood bath mats. When the weather is muggy, thick bath mats can take forever to dry, leaving you with a damp bathroom floor and potential breeding ground for bacteria — yuck! Step around this problem by swapping your usual mat for a wood version. Look for one made from aromatic Japanese hinoki wood, which is naturally resistant to humidity and has some antibacterial properties.

OTM Designs & Remodeling Inc, original photo on Houzz

11. Fluffy white robe. Mix yourself up a carafe of spa water (just add sliced lemons, cucumbers or mint) before your bath or shower, and when you come out, wrap up in your fluffy white robe and pour yourself a glass. Bliss.

12. Outdoor shower. This may fall under the fantasy rather than reality category for many of us, but if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor shower, now is the season to put it to use! Deck out your shower space with potted plants, a stool and a hook for your towel.

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