Bathliners: The Cover Up Problem

Two experts discuss the perils of covering your existing tub/shower with a bathliner. Don’t cover up existing problems. Let Bestbath help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


The following is a transcript of the Bathliners video discussion:

Jeff Mooney (Bestbath Dealer): Bathliners cover up problems.

They will create a liner. It’s a thin piece of acrylic plastic that they will then glue to the existing product that’s in your home.

Brandon Wright (Mold Remediation Expert): So they’re gonna put a cover on a surface and make it look pretty. If it’s unfunctional, or not functional, and you’re gonna recover the same thing that’s not functional, you’re still gonna be left with the same thing with a different color.

Jeff: When you cover up the product that’s already existing, there’s a chance that there’s problems behind the walls of the shower.

Brandon: A lot of times, people have a toilet overflow, they mop it up with a towel, they don’t think anything of it. They don’t realize that the walls are wet, right? Or the water went underneath the tub which is two and a half feet away.

Jeff: The number one area in the house where covering up a problem is the most critical is the bathroom. That’s the area that has the most moisture, and it’s used on a daily basis.

Brandon: You still have the microbial growth there. You may even still have moisture that hasn’t been able to dry out because that overlay is trapping that moisture inside there which then is creating deterioration of the greenboard.

Jeff: This is an investment that you’re truly concerned about, you should never cover up a problem.

Brandon: Unless you actually have some sort of access to that point where you can visually see it, you’re never gonna know what’s underneath your tub.

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