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Take a few minutes to tour Bestbath’s Caldwell factory!

Not all bath and shower manufacturing processes are created equal. At Bestbath, we’re proud to say that our manufacturing process lives up to our name. The process of building a bath or shower happens in reverse. That is, we start with the exterior finish of the shower wall, the part you will eventually see and touch, then add the structural layers.

It all begins with Bestbath’s stock of meticulously maintained molds. These carefully crafted molds, hundreds of them in all, form the basis of our process, ensuring a beautiful, blemish-free finish. Each mold is cleaned and wheeled into the spray room to receive the gelcoat. Gelcoat is the smooth, hard surface that makes up the exterior of your bath or shower.

Once the gelcoat has time to cure, a layer of Bestbath’s proprietary barrier coat is applied. We are the only major manufacturer to include the additional level of protection to our showers and baths. Bestbath’s barrier coat improves the sheen on the gelcoat and enhances the durability of the shower or bath. For reinforcement, the shower is then sprayed with a coat of our proprietary resin composite, providing a strong, structural layer. By weight, this material is stronger than steel.

Once every nook and cranny is well coated, the Bestbath team rolls out any and all air bubbles, then adds a layer of wood, fully backing the shower wall. Not available from most other manufacturers, fully wood backed showers, also known as integral wood backing, allow universal design features such as grab bars and seats to be easily added in the future without searching for studs. Integral wood backing also means you do not need the additional material or labor expense of greenboard or other materials behind the shower. In fact, with Bestbath’s approach, showers can be installed directly to the subfloor or against the studs. Next, an additional layer of reinforced composite resin is added to completely encapsulate the wood and fully laminate the shower wall, providing additional strength and durability.

Finally, after the shower has cured, the bath or shower wall is released from its mold then buffed and shined before being packaged for delivery directly to the job site. All in all, the entire manufacturing process takes several hours, with Bestbath’s craftspeople taking care at every step to ensure the products exceed our exacting standards and our customers’ expectations.

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