Bestbath Tile Patterns

At Bestbath®, we believe in offering each customer the shower or tub/shower combination that they want, not just what’s available in our warehouse. Because we custom build each unit based on customer specifications, we offer many choices in tile patterns and colors.

Note: while most of our models offer multiple tile patterns, not all models feature all tile patterns. Contact us for details.


Smooth wall

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Our smooth walls have no tile pattern or design but will still look great for years to come with our quality construction and gelcoat finish.

classic-tile-tightClassic tile

Our 4” classic tile has subtle ripples for an added dimensional look. This tile pattern is, well, a classic!

4-inch-tileReal tile

Get the look of 4” square smooth ceramic tile with the quality and convenience of Bestbath’s plywood-backed composite construction and design.



8” tile

Is bigger always better? You be the judge! We took the look of standard tiles and kicked it up a notch to an 8” smooth tile pattern.


subway-tile-closeSubway tile

You asked for it, we made it! Now you can get the popular 8”x4” subway-tile pattern that is all the rage. Our newest design comes with 90-degree corners for a beautiful clean look.

subway-tile-closeLarge Format Subway Tile

Go big with our 12″x18″ large format subway-tile pattern. This modern design comes with 90-degree corners for a seamless look.


Who says you have to decide between a low-maintenance, easy-to-install composite shower and the “wow factor” of ceramic, stone, or glass tile? Enjoy the quality, peace of mind, and worry-free maintenance that Bestbath is known for while getting the real-tile look you’re after with our TileDesign showers, tub/shower combinations, and pans.

Customize your shower even more by adding custom tile accents! Click here to learn more about Bestbath’s TileDesign line of showers and pans.

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