Bestbath’s SnapJoint System

A close-up of the SnapJoint system shows the plywood backing and a specialized clip that allows the panels to snap tightly together.Assembling a beautiful multi-piece shower or tub/shower combination and creating a tight seal are a snap with Bestbath®!

SnapJoint® technology

Our SnapJoint technology was invented over 10 years ago and has become the gold standard in the remodel/multi-piece market. SnapJoint technology is incorporated into the walls of all our multi-piece showers and tub/shower combinations, making for an easier, faster, and more professional installation. Specialized channeling and clips lock the wall pieces into place creating a tighter seal and sturdier finished product than is available elsewhere on the market.

SnapJoints eliminate the guesswork in assembly. When the side walls are put in place, an audible “snap” lets the installer know the walls are correctly installed and connected to the back wall.

Our SnapJoint system now allows for 90-degree corners with the popular look of subway tiles. All units are shipped with matching caulk to help hide the seams. Don’t just take our word for it! The industry is buzzing about our new 90-degree corner showers with SnapJoint technology.

To see how Bestbath’s SnapJoint system simplifies the installation process, please watch this video.