Cleaning and Maintenance

Bestbath® products are designed and manufactured to last.

Cleaning Your Bestbath Shower or Tub

Bestbath® products are manufactured to strict standards and are designed to last for years of heavy use. To keep your bathing unit beautiful, we recommend the following steps for regular cleaning and maintenance.

After installation:
DO NOT use abrasive cleansers as they may scratch or dull the finish.
DO NOT use metal tools on your Bestbath product to avoid scratching.

Paint can be removed by gently wiping with a soft towel and lacquer thinner.
Joint compound can be removed with a plastic ice scraper or wood paint stir stick.
Adhesive remover or penetrating lubricant can be used remove sticky or stubborn residue from labels or tape. Apply remover, let sit for a few minutes or as directed and then wipe away.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

To clean, use a liquid detergent, warm water and a soft clean cloth towel.  Any non-abrasive bathroom cleaner may be used.

Regularly cleaning the walls with an automotive cleaner wax, or a specially formulated product for gelcoat fiberglass will create a shiny, easy to clean finish and keep your shower looking new.

DO NOT apply cleaner wax to shower pan as this could cause a slippery surface.

Download these cleaning tips as a PDF
Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Care

Bestbath curtain fabrics offer “clean-in-place” convenience. Any soils and stains that accumulate on the fabrics’ surfaces should be removed periodically for a fresh new appearance.

Hand Wash:
Use mild soap and warm water, then rinse with water and hang dry. For hard to clean spots use a standard household cleansers and a soft bristle brush. Heavy “dried on” soil may first require soaking to loosen the debris. DO NOT USE HARSH CLEANSERS OR SOLVENTS.

Machine Wash:
Bestbath does not recommend regular machine laundering of curtains as this type of laundering may decrease the useful life of the curtain’s fabrics. If machine laundering is necessary do so with a gentle cycle and avoid washing / rinsing with temperatures exceeding 100° f. Hang dry and do not iron.

Download these curtain care tips as a PDF