All-New Barrier Coat Formula Improves Shower Durability

We’re excited to announce the latest innovation from Bestbath — a barrier coat made specific for use in a bathing environment.

Our old “green” coating was a marine grade that is used for boats. The new barrier coat adds even more strength to the gelcoat layer and ensures a consistent product surface and durability. It also allows for an improved, more professional finish to eliminate print through, which occurs when the fiberglass strands can be seen on the surface of lower quality showers.

Bestbath is the only major shower manufacturing company to use the new formula—in fact, we’re the only major manufacturer even using the barrier coat. It’s an expensive step in the protection of showers, pans, and tubs, but it’s one we feel is necessary for our commitment to the quality and longevity of our products. It’s part of the reason why we can offer a 30-year warranty. 

Now when a Bestbath product arrives at your project site, you know you have received one of the most innovative bathing solutions in the market.