Little Details Make a Big Difference


 How Weighted Shower Curtains Can Promote Accessibility


When it comes to creating a more accessible bathroom, we normally think of the big features first: entryways, sinks, tubs and showers.

But the little details can matter so much to those who struggle with mobility.


Think of your standard shower curtain. It’s typically made of lightweight, thin fabric that can be easily moved by water pressure. For those who use curbless or low threshold showers, it can be impossible to keep water from leaking out onto the floor. People who need assistance bathing might find it difficult for their caregivers to work around standard-length curtains.


It’s clear that standard shower curtains were made for standard bathrooms, where not all needs or abilities are kept in mind.

But Bestbath has a few options that do.



Weighted Shower Curtain

Bestbath produces a line of heavy duty vinyl shower curtains with weights sewed into the bottom hem. This prevents the curtain from being pushed aside from the water pressure during a shower, keeping the water within curbless or low threshold unit. The vinyl fabric also makes Bestbath’s weighted curtains extremely resistant to wear and tear.


Bestbath’s WaterStopper can be the perfect match to a weighted shower curtain. It’s a collapsible rubber dam that can flex when stepped on or rolled over, helping keep the water where it belongs — in the shower.



Attendant Shower Curtain
Standard-length shower curtains can be a barrier to caregivers and attendants, making it nearly impossible to help bathe a client without getting wet or constantly adjusting the curtain.


Bestbath’s attendant shower curtains are specifically made to fit the needs of those who need assistance while bathing. With a shorter height and a weighted hem, attendant shower curtains enable caregivers to sit outside the shower while still having easy access to the bathing area. The fabric is resistant to staph, fungus and mildew, helping even the most vulnerable clients stay healthy.



The curtains also come with surgical tubing, stainless steel hooks and snapping splash guards. They don’t require a curtain rod or kit to install, making safe bathing a breeze.


To keep your Bestbath shower curtains looking fresh and clean, you’ll need to hand wash them periodically, using warm water and mild soap and letting them hang dry. Do not use harsh cleaners or solvents because this might wear down on the longevity of the product. Instead, remove hard-to-clean spots with a soft bristle brush and standard household cleaners.


Whether its a large commercial project in a hotel or a small bathroom remodel in a multi-family home, you have to keep the little details in mind when it comes to accessibility. The shower curtain you purchase can make all the difference in creating a bathroom where people of all  abilities can bathe easily and safely.