Save Time and Money: Bestbath Offers Non-Recessed Showers and Pans

From new construction projects to bathroom remodels, a job site often feels like barely organized chaos. Having one less step in the project makes a major difference—both in time and cost.

Bestbath engineers sat down with developers, architects and builders and discovered that traditional recessed showers and pans required significant work and collaboration between many trade professionals during the planning and at the job site. Each step added additional cost and time to every project. Based on that feedback, our engineers designed the Bestbath non-recessed showers and pans, a product that allows for quick and simple installation.

For new construction, just block out the drain and pour the slab. Bestbath non-recessed pans can be installed right on top of the concrete slab or subfloor using our fast drying epoxy—it will dry in less than 4 hours in most climates.

For remodels, it’s even easier—there’s no need to rework the subfloor or concrete. Simply tear out the old shower then install the non-recessed shower pan right onto the existing floor surface.

Bestbath showers and pans are available to meet ADA, ANSI A and B, Massachusetts Codes, Texas Codes, and even California Building Code Title 24. Our showers—which set the standard for safety, durability, and beauty—are proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by our 30 year limited warranty.

Our goal is to make your new construction and retro-fit projects easier so you can get the job done with as little headache as possible. To see how easy it is to install our showers and pans, take a look at these step-by-step installation directions:

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