Saving Time and Money with Pre-Leveled Pans

Whether you’re installing one shower as part of a home remodel project, several dozen in a senior living center, or even hundreds for a luxury apartment complex, you need a product that can be installed quickly, efficiently and that is constructed with exceptional quality. When you evaluate the showers and shower pans available in the marketplace, consider these two critical factors: ease of installation and quality of the product. We’re confident that when you do, you’ll find Bestbath stands apart from the competition.

Ease of Installation

P6333A75B.v2One of the most important factors of choosing a shower—and one that is often overlooked—is the ease of installation. Bestbath works closely with architects, commercial project developers and homeowners to ensure our designs meet the customer’s needs through every step of the project – from installation to the first use. Through that relationship, we identified that the installation process was eating into the project time to completion. So we made it easier by engineering all our shower pans to be pre-leveled.
Because all Bestbath low profile and solid core pans are pre-leveled, installers do not have to use “mud” or other products on the subfloor to ensure the shower pan is properly supported. No more running to the construction supply warehouse for materials and then waiting around for mud to dry. Plus, all Bestbath pans have integral level support, so when they are installed on a level subfloor, the pans are properly supported without the need for additional material.

Pre-leveling the shower pans at the factory also ensures that the drain field meets applicable codes and encourages proper water flow, thus eliminating concerns about standing water. An improper slope and the risk of standing water can produce serious health safety, and code violations, plus concerns for the end users.

Quality of the Product

Though more obvious than installation simplicity, the quality of the shower—and it’s components—is extremely important. And it’s one more area in which Bestbath sets itself apart from the competition.

Like those from some other manufacturers, Bestbath shower pans are made with a rigid polyurethane foam. P26036DF1FTT.v2However, the density of our foam—Bestbath uses a rigid 8PCF polyurethane—is significantly stronger than any other manufacturer. Why is that important? With continued use, the lower density foam cores can break down, resulting in a “flex” feeling when you stand in the shower. As the flex increases, it creates a weak spot in the pan which is open to cracking, water leaks, and other structural problems.

Many factors go into choosing the right shower and shower pan for your project. To learn more about how professionals are using the Bestbath products, take a moment to read through some of the case studies we’ve shared, read through our articles and blogs, or reach out and contact us today.

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