Create stunning custom tile inserts to match the style and decor of any bathroom.

Build and customize the beautiful shower or tub you want.

With Bestbath®’s TileDesign™, you can add an inlaid recessed pocket practically anywhere to your shower, tub or shower pan. These pockets can be filled with custom tile designs, adding a modern look and lifetime value to your composite shower or tub.

Choose any style, color, size or shape of tile — the design options are endless.


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design your shower and bath walls

The seamless look of tile — at a fraction of the cost.

While traditional tile showers can take endless hours of preparation, Bestbath’s composite inserts can be completely installed in one day, without mudsetting or leveling. After a quick install, the recessed pockets on our TileDesign™ showers and tubs are ready for custom tiling — cutting down on thousands in labor costs and hours of hard work.


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Love it for a lifetime.

We are the only major manufacturer to include an additional layer of protection for our showers and baths. Our Barrier Coat creates a durable, tight seal against the water that may seep into the grout over time — keeping water where it belongs. This prevents the build up of mildew and mold behind the shower enclosure, protecting your walls from water damage.

With our 30-year warranty, you can enjoy a custom tile shower that’s designed to stand the test of time.


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