Shower Thresholds Types and Styles

The wide variety of threshold options on our shower pans and single- and multi-piece showers offers something for everyone based on design, mobility, and future.


semi-permenant-threshholdCurbed Threshold

Our curbed shower thresholds are what people most often picture when they think of a step-in shower. Curbed thresholds can be paired with a shower curtain or door. Custom curb heights are available.








semi-permanent-thresholdSemi-permanent Threshold

The best of both worlds! Designed with the future in mind, our semi-permanent shower thresholds can easily be installed on many of our barrier-free showers, providing a traditional curbed-threshold look and feel. This is ideal if a curbed threshold is desired now, with the option to have shower doors or a curtain, with the possibility of having a barrier-free entry later if personal mobility changes.







barrier-free-threshholdBarrier Free 

If an accessible entry and exit shower is preferred or needed, our barrier-free thresholds provide the ideal solution. Available in multiple heights between 1/2” and 2 1/4”, our barrier-free pans are available with a beveled or traditional threshold. Choose the right one for your application based on user preference and flooring options. Whether the bathroom floor is tile or vinyl, we can provide the ideal threshold to meet the requirements.





Now you may be asking …

But how does the water stay in a barrier-shower?? We’ve been making accessible showers since 1971, and we’ve got water containment covered! Learn more about our solutions to keep the water where it is supposed to be—inside the shower.


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