A Behavioral Health Facility Partners With Bestbath for a Safer Bathroom Environment

The Scenario The Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, provides care to individuals who are at risk of harming themselves. Every single feature in the facility must be safe for patients and incapable of being used by patients to cause bodily harm or attempt suicide. When the existing showers revealed themselves to be a potential hazard, the team at EIRMC reached out to Bestbath™ to create a custom solution that would mitigate risks. The Solution The team at Bestbath worked closely with those at EIRMC to look at every part of the shower. They focused on anything…READ MORE

Historic Projects Face Challenges of Sizing and Requirements When Upgrading

    Project Summary Upgrading older facilities, particularly historic projects, with modern bathroom fixtures and amenities can bring much needed aesthetic, maintenance, and safety relief. But it’s not without challenges. Changes in standard sizing over the years and new accessibility and code requirements can make fitting today’s products into older spaces difficult. Code requirements, which become more stringent with each new version, are one of the first hurdles to overcome. ANSI standards in particular can be difficult to maneuver since different areas around the country use different standards. For example, New Jersey might follow ANSI 2003 while another state may…READ MORE

Shower Grab Bars Made Easy by Bestbath

When it comes to including grab bars in today’s modern shower, no one makes it easier than Bestbath. Grab bars — key features for universal design and accessibility — are often used in showers or tubs to make them easier and safer to get in and out, reduce the chance of slips and falls and maintain balance while bathing. Bestbath offers a wide range of grab bars to be installed as an aftermarket solution in any shower or pre-installed in Bestbath showers. Designed (and Built) for Grab Bars Bestbath showers and baths are designed and built from the ground up…


WaterStopper™ Stops Wet Floors

Bestbath showers are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure safety and to ensure that the water drains properly. For added security, we recommend installing the WaterStopper to keep the water where it belongs – inside the shower. Effectively containing water in a zero entry or barrier-free shower is critical to keeping floors dry and bathers safe. But how do you keep water in your shower, where it belongs, without sacrificing ease of access? The answer: Bestbath’s WaterStopper™, the most effective water retention system on the market. Whether stepping in by foot, with the help of a walker, or rolling in…