Approved Return Instructions

Please read:

Authorization for return goods is valid for 90 days from the date of approval. Bestbath will not issue credit for returns received after the authorization has expired.

All returns must include an authorization number assigned by the Bestbath Warranty Department. Product returned without prior authorization will not be considered for credit.

Step 1: Package the product being returned to avoid damage during transit.
Note: Bestbath will not issue credit for product that is returned damaged.

Step 2: Identify the number of boxes associated with the return.
If there is more than (1) box, tag the boxes and identify on each box the total number of boxes to be returned. i.e. (1 of 2), (2 of 2) – etc.

Step 3: Tag/label the box(es) with the assigned RGA#:
On at least 2 sides of each box, using a thick black marker or large print label, tag each box as follows:

RGA#______/ Attn: Kris – Shipping

Step 4: Shipping the return

If you (the customer) are responsible for arranging freight, ship the return to the following address:

     723 Garber Street
     Caldwell, ID 83605

If Bestbath is arranging freight – email the Warranty Department with the following information.

Please note: The Warranty Department must have complete information to issue a FedEx Call Tag or LTL Freight pick up.

  • Total # of boxes being returned
  • Address where the returned item/s will be picked up
  • Name & contact number at the pick up site
  • Identify the pick up location as a commercial or residential address
  • The business hours for the pick up site
  • Location of the pick up – i.e. – front desk, receptionist, FedEx standard pick up location, receiving dock, front porch, garage, etc.
  • Date and time the package/s will be ready for pick up