Water Containment

Users can enjoy the ease of entry and exit from our barrier-free showers without worry of water ending up on their bathroom floor. Choose the water-containment solution that works best for your application and provides an extra level of safety.


waterstopperThe WaterStopper 

This T-shaped rubber barrier is collapsible  and can be stepped on or rolled over with no loss in functionality. For simple and secure installation, a self-adhesive strip allows for years of heavy use. The WaterStopper is not limited in use with only Bestbath barrier-free pans; it can be applied to tile or anywhere you’d like to keep water moderately contained.

A trench drain is very effective at water containment BEFORE it ends up on the bathroom floorTrench Drain 

Many people love the beauty and functionality of a trench drain. Not only does it have a modern look, but a trench drain is very effective at collecting water BEFORE it ends up on the bathroom floor!

semi-permanent-thresholdSemi-permanent Threshold

The best of both worlds! Designed with the future in mind, our semi-permanent shower thresholds can easily be installed on many of our barrier-free showers, providing a traditional curbed-threshold look and feel. This is ideal if a curbed threshold is desired now, with the option to have shower doors or a curtain, with the possibility of having a barrier-free entry later if personal mobility changes.

Weighted Shower Curtains

Designed to work with The WaterStopper,  our Weighted Shower Curtain provides an extra level of protection for proper water containment. These heavy duty three-layer vinyl shower curtains are easy to clean and resist mildew, stains, and tears.

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