First in quality, first in accessibility — Better living begins with Bestbath

Our Story

Bestbath became a world-leading manufacturer of bathing products by focusing on being first in product quality and first in creating products for people of all abilities.

Our products — from walk-in tubs to traditional shower inserts — are designed to be useful, beautiful, and easily modified as individuals’ needs and abilities change. We work closely with architects, commercial project developers, and homeowners to ensure our designs provide the function and value needed today and for many years to come.

Bestbath shower construction

Bestbath’s beginnings.

Bestbath began in 1969 as Component Structures, Inc., producing industry-standard bathing products. Bestbath founder Gary Multanen started his career at the growing company in 1971 as plant manager. Ten years later, he purchased the company and continued to expand its market reach and product line.

One day, while visiting with his mother and hearing in detail about the difficulties she experienced in bathing, Multanen realized there was a problem: The market was failing to provide quality, easy-to-access bathing products. He solved the problem by quickly adding a line of high quality, safe, and accessible bathing products to the company’s existing line of traditional shower and bathtub options.

In 2000, all product lines were consolidated under the brand name Best Bath Systems, now known simply as Bestbath.

Bestbath today.

Bestbath’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Caldwell, Idaho, uses lean and efficient processes to produce its tubs, showers, and surrounds.

Recent Bestbath innovative firsts include:

  • Barrier coating to create a more durable shower with a smoother finish.
  • Composite showers with 90-degree corners to give a ceramic tile appearance with lower installation costs and worry-free maintenance.
  • Pre-leveled pans with integral support and with polyurethane shower pan bottoms for faster, no‑error installations.
  • SnapJoints and SpringClips for efficient and durable assembly of composite showers.
  • Tile inset pockets for shower design customization (Designer Series).

At Bestbath, our commitment to being first in quality, first in accessibility will continue to guide us as we create, innovate, and lead the industry in producing the best bathing products available worldwide.

First in quality, first in accessibility — Better living begins with Bestbath.

The Team
Megan Multanen
Jay Multanen
Tammy Harris
Katharine Lobrecht
Director of Finance & IT
Ron Ray
Director of Human Resources
Gary Multanen
Founder/Chairman of the Board
Pat Mcgown
VP of Operations