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Why Bestbath Works for Student Housing

Few applications face the demands of universities and student housing. Such facilities require worry-free bathing solutions that stand up to the rigors of high traffic, often with accessibility requirements. Fortunately, Bestbath developed products that exceed the technical requirements and the student experience.


You won’t find a better priced, highly durable product on the market. Every Bestbath shower and tub is built using top-shelf materials to stand up — both in function and appearance — for decades.

Low Maintenance

Our products are designed to require less care to retain their performance. The combination of our construction methods, materials, and proprietary barrier coat work with our gel coat finish to make maintenance and repairs easy.

Full Wood Backing

Bestbath showers are constructed with full wood backing. This makes the showers stiffer and stronger, able to handle the heaviest load. Need to add or change out accessories? Wood backing makes it possible without the added expense.

Logistics & Staging

Campus construction can be complex, with limited space to maneuver. Our team of professionals can help to reduce the hassles of staging and logistics to simplify the construction process and remove hidden costs.

Customize to Suit

Choose the features and colors to match your design. Because every Bestbath shower is crafted one at a time, it’s possible to affordably add extra touches like accessories or even school colors to your design.

Go Green

Bestbath adds sustainability to any project by providing products that last a lifetime and that are manufactured with sustainable business practices. A longer length of service means less waste and greater care for our planet.

Proven to Perform

Bestbath has been serving universities and student housing developers for decades.

We’d like to serve you, too.

From specifying to delivery, staging, install, and even warranty, our customer service team is well-versed in every aspect of the industry. Whatever the stage of your project, we’d invite you to use us as a resource.

Accessibility & Code Compliant

Whether you are addressing specific California Title 24 requirements, ADA/ANSI A, ANSI B, or just aiming to bring universal design to your multifamily project, Bestbath has you covered.

Yes — code compliant multifamily showers and tubs can be as beautiful as they are functional.



Questions? We can answer them.

The Bestbath team can answer questions about products, code, design, process, and more. Please reach out.

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