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Why Bestbath Works for Multifamily

Multifamily projects are unique. Architects, contractors, and owners need to be smart at every step, from specification to logistics and staging to install… even warranty. Bestbath gets it. We’ve worked with some of the best in the business. And we’d like to work with you.

Less Labor

Besthbath products install in a fraction of the time of other brands. Our products are pre-levelled and can be delivered with pre–installed accessories, including valves, to reduce trades’ time on the jobsite.


Every Bestbath product is built with an attention to detail and top-shelf materials not found with most manufacturers. The result is showers and tubs that stand up decade after decade, tenant after tenant.

Lower Total Cost

When it comes to pricing, Bestbath is hard to beat when all costs are considered. Our quick install, pre-installed accessories, support, and durability mean that total cost of ownership is less than most other options.

Logistics & Staging

Whether it’s a complex highrise or a duplex, when it comes to logistics and staging, we’ve been there, done that. Our team can help coordinate deliveries to work with your build schedule anywhere in the nation.


Our products can be customized to suit any design or application. Looking for a tile look or actual tile? We can do both. Built-in soap dish? Sure. Trench drain or traditional? The choice is always yours with Bestbath.


Millennials (and other generations, too) are clamoring for more sustainable options. By choosing products that last a lifetime, you are choosing a more sustainable approach to building.

Accessibility &
Code Compliance

Whether you are addressing specific California Title 24 requirements, ADA/ANSI A, ANSI B or just aiming to bring universal design to your multifamily project, Bestbath has you covered.

Yes — code compliant multifamily showers and tubs can be as beautiful as they are functional.

universal design in the bathroom making everyday spaces more accessible


Questions? We can answer them.

The Bestbath team can answer questions about products, code, design, process, and more. Please reach out.

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