2 Mini Makeover Ideas to Refresh Your Bathroom’s Look

by Patricia Lee,
Houzz Contributor

When walking through staged or model homes, I love to see a clean, beautifully styled bathroom — it makes me feel relaxed, as if I were at the spa. But as a professional organizer, I see a lot of real homes, making me well aware that most of us don’t have bathrooms that look like those in the model homes. And that’s just fine.

For many people, a bathroom remodel may not be in the works just yet. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to improve upon a space that feels unattractive or even chaotic. Whether your budget is big or pretty tiny, there are simple ways to make your space more beautiful and restful. Here are ideas for two mini bathroom makeovers — no remodel required.

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First of all, let me remind you that regardless of your budget, the initial step in getting a tranquil space is to declutter excess or unused products. Also, a deep, thorough cleaning of surfaces and mirrors to remove scum, dust and water marks can help make your bathroom feel new again.

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Option 1: Simple Spruce-up

Add foliage. A living plant is a great way to add color and dimension to a bath. A beautiful ficus or palm would make a nice statement if you have an available corner or empty floor space. Smaller plants can help break up the monotony of a long counter. Orchids and bamboo grow well indoors and love humidity, usually abundant in bathrooms. A traditional pot creates a more formal feel, but if you want a casual vibe you might consider unlikely pots such as teacups, bowls or apothecary jars.

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Bring in organizing solutions. I like to keep my countertops mostly clear. If you prefer your items to be out, consider displaying only the daily necessities, with like items grouped together.

Try to keep a common denominator among containers — for example, all wood, different types of blue glass, vessels with stainless accents — so the decor looks intentional and tidy.

Refresh your textiles. Your towels are one of the most visible items in this room, and over time, their colors may fade or change, the edges may fray, the loops may rip. Those old towels may be usable, but are they still pretty? New towels are a quick, relatively low-cost way to refresh a tired space. You might keep bath, hand and face towels in the same colors, or consider a hand towel in a complementary color or print.

Changing out rugs and shower curtains can also be a fun way to add a pop of personality. If you have a sliding shower door that doesn’t quite look like a showpiece, you can install a shower curtain in front of it.

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Add a dash of personalization. Bringing decorative items that you love into the room will make it feel more special. Personally, I love displaying framed photos of my children and dogs, as well as scented candles that remind me of Hawaii, a small tray of favorite perfumes that signify different stages of my life and the special vase that my husband gave me for an anniversary. It’s motivated me to keep my counters clean and clear so my sentimental items remain the headliners. What would you like to display?

Option 2: Moderate Makeover

Replace your sink and shower fixtures. A new shower head and faucets with a comfortable water flow and desirable spray settings may be enough to make you feel like you are at a spa.

To keep this suggestion a modest upgrade rather than an actual remodel, be sure to choose replacement fixtures with like connections. In other words, if your sink faucets have three mounting holes — hot water handle, cold water handle and faucet — you should choose a faucet set with three parts that fit the existing trio of holes.

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Add new paint or wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. Color trends for bathrooms change every few years, and while it would be laborious to chase every fleeting trend, occasional refreshes can give your bath a new look. Alternatively, peel-and-stick wallpapers are popular at the moment, and their relatively easy removal process allows you to express your creativity without a big commitment.

Upgrade your toilet. Changing the toilet cover and seat is a quick way to spruce an old toilet. There are two standard seat sizes: round and oblong. I recommend purchasing from the same manufacturer as your toilet; colors come in many shades, so this can help ensure a better match. Soft-close lids are also a nice feature and may even encourage family members to practice better seat-down habits!

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Get a new wall mirror. Mirrors are a critical part of a bathroom in terms of functionality. Some of the newer mirrors feature such optional, nice-to-have perks as USB charging ports, built-in TV screens or Bluetooth capability. These features can definitely enhance a morning routine, albeit at a relatively high cost and often requiring professional installation.

If you want to replace a mirror that hangs on a flat wall, your options are endless, with any combination of number of mirrors, sizes, shapes or frames. If you are replacing a medicine cabinet mirror that fits into a wall cavity, be sure you are replacing it with the same size; otherwise, you will be entering remodeling territory.

Whether you’re just collecting design ideas or are ready to begin your bathroom remodel, Bestbath is here to help. To get started, contact us using the form below.

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