Bathroom Staging and Scheduling

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Plan Your Deliveries

Every multi-unit construction project presents logistical challenges in getting materials of all types—including bathroom showers and tubs—on-site at the right time. Get it wrong, and the project may be besieged by costly delays. Get it right, and work continues smoothly without costly interruptions and stoppages.

Most commercial contractors utilize a nearby laydown yard to help keep things flowing. But laydown yards are not the place you want dozens or even hundreds of finished showers and tubs sitting for very long. Bestbath’s Staging and Scheduling service will help make your bathroom installs happen on time, and with the product in pristine condition.

Whether your next project is a new construction or renovation of a hospital bathroom, an infill multi-family housing development, retirement community, or dormitories—Bestbath can help you plan the delivery and staging of accessible, code-compliant baths and showers.

Detailed. Customized. Pre-staged.

Plan alongside with the help of the Bestbath logistics team. In partnership with your Bestbath sales representative, our team will work with your job supervisor or foreman to develop a detailed staging and scheduling plan.

Customize your products — and packing. If requested, your showers and tubs will be delivered with accessories pre-installed and package them appropriately not only for shipping, but also for unpacking, for quick installation. Accessories, such as curtain rods and curtains are shipped on the last load to reduce using valuable space and jobsite theft.

Pre-stage at the factory. Before hundreds of showers and tubs hit your laydown yard, let them hit ours. We can pre-stage your product order ensuring your order is stored in a safe, controlled environment.

Laydown yards typically have limited space requiring additional time to manage the logistics. When it comes to a project’s finishing touches—like showers and tubs—let Bestbath help make the staging and scheduling process easy.

Contact your Bestbath sales representative to learn more about staging and scheduling, and our other services for commercial building projects.

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