Shower Trench Drains

Introducing the Magnetic Trench Drain — Better living begins with Bestbath®

Easy install. Fast draining. Amazing water retention.

Bestbath’s trench drain showers and shower pans offer a modern and elegant design option for today’s bathrooms. Every year trench drains are becoming more popular. Customers love the clean look that matches the style in the bathrooms. Not only are the trench drains beautiful, they offer a safe barrier free entry without looking barrier free.

Modern Design = Faster Installation.

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Bestbath’s modern design allows the pan to be installed directly on subfloor without recessing, ensuring a fast installation process. Available in multiple sizes with solutions to meet the need for almost all applications including remodel or new construction, single family or ADA compliant.

On many models, we’ve also designed our trench drain shower pan to be even better by offering integral magnets for quickly attaching or removing the grate. We’ve also improving water containment and lowering maintenance.

Ready to add a trench drain to your next shower?

Ready to add a trench drain to your next shower?
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