Case Study: Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

A Behavioral Health Facility Partners With Bestbath for a Safer Bathroom Environment

The Scenario

The Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho, provides care to individuals who are at risk of harming themselves. Every single feature in the facility must be safe for patients and incapable of being used by patients to cause bodily harm or attempt suicide. When the existing showers revealed themselves to be a potential hazard, the team at EIRMC reached out to Bestbath to create a custom solution that would mitigate risks.

The Solution

The team at Bestbath worked closely with those at EIRMC to look at every part of the shower. They focused on anything that could be possibly used improperly, particularly because the bathroom is one area where patients spend a lot of unsupervised time.

Along with this principal goal, they also had to consider the overall maintenance of those spaces; the previous units shed water into the bathroom, and any replacement option needed to improve water containment. Finally, because of the small space and the retrofit application, a multi-piece solution was key. This included a base, walls, and dome ceiling that created a quick and easy installation.

Rod Rooney, chief engineer, had an idea for a custom design and worked closely with Lee Cook, regional sales manager and Bestbath engineers. They considered every aspect of the space. Once the Bestbath engineers understood the requirements, they went to work to quickly design a solution.

What they come back with was easy to install, low maintenance, on budget and, most importantly, safe. This new composite shower design eliminated troublesome drywall that constantly needed repair. The outside wall of the unit is sandwiched together so that the same material that’s on the inside of the shower is also on the outside. It also did not require mud set allowing for a fast and smooth installation.

The shower also features one of the most important aspects of the space: an anti-ligature design. Every surface is smooth, so nothing can be wrapped around a shower feature—the showerhead is inset allowing it to be flush to the dome ceiling; the LED light is capped in the ceiling; and the curtain rod features anti-ligature clips. The shower’s 45-degree opening has a curtain that hangs low enough to contain water inside the shower. The streamlined design is also easy to clean, reducing long-term maintenance.

The Result

The new retrofitted showers at EIRMC are a prime example of Bestbath’s capabilities to work with customers to create custom solutions that solve pressing problems. The smooth-surface showers provide a safer environment for patients, and as a result greater peace of mind for loved ones and hospital staff. Nearly as important, they are easy to clean, saving time and improving longevity, while they avoid many of the maintenance issues that plagued the previous shower systems.

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