Dealer of the Quarter: Right Now Mobility

Cincinnati, Ohio

While business has been good since it’s founding three years ago, opening a showroom was a game-changer for Right Now Mobility, which sells and installs home modifications, giving aging or disabled residents greater independence and a higher quality of life.

“It’s really hard for customers to buy something based on pictures in a flier,” Eddie Biggins, president of Right Now Mobility, says. “The showroom has made a huge difference for us.”

Before opening the showroom, customers had to visit a warehouse to see products or buy based on product photos. By opening its 2,000 square foot showroom, the Cincinnati company enabled customers to see, touch and compare the Bestbath® roll-in showers, as well as stair lifts, accessibility ramps and other products. That helped customers better understand how Right Now Mobility products and installations can make homes safer and more comfortable. Customers responded in a big way: year-over-year sales jumped 400 percent, and has earned the company recognition as Bestbath’s Dealer of the Quarter.

Biggins has worked in one way or another helping enhance mobility for the elderly and disabled for more than 25 years. He decided to open Right Now Mobility when it was clear aging Baby Boomers and their families were embracing the aging-in-place movement.

Often, customers recovering from an injury look to home modification as an alternative to moving into a rehabilitation facility. Biggins takes the time to talk customers through their options and explain how products such as Bestbath roll-in or seated showers enable them to live in the comfort of their home and either care for themselves or make life easier for their spouse or caregiver. Bestbath’s expanding choices for shower colors and attractive finishes appeal to customers seeking a modern look for their bathrooms, Biggins says.

“We talk them through how modification costs a little money, but the math is favorable compared to moving into a facility,” Biggins says. “Obviously, everybody wants to stay in their home. Some family members can’t take care of their spouses if they can’t get them in and out of a bathtub.”

Biggins draws from his family’s experience to explain to customers how making home modifications before aging residents need them can prevent accidents and prolong lives. Years before starting Right Now Mobility, his elderly grandfather fell and broke his hip, then died shortly after due to complications from a blood clot. The exact same thing happened later to his grandmother.

Biggins said Bestbath showers could have prevented those falls and extended his grandparents’ lives. His personal story goes a long way toward convincing stubborn seniors who don’t yet need extensive care that home modifications can be the best preventive medicine.

A lot of men, especially, don’t want assistance,” says Biggins. “I explain that I’m going to prevent you from falling or being admitted to a facility because your family can’t take care of you. I’m very passionate about that.”

Biggins says his six employees that install products share that passion, setting his crew apart from the competition.

“If you really care about helping people be safe in their home, you will provide a better finished product,” he says. “That’s where our big difference is.”

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