Dealer of the Quarter: Orca Healthcare

Vancouver, BC Canada

While Orca HealthCare has continuously served Vancouver, BC seniors with accessible bathing products since its founding in 2006, precisely how it serves them has changed quite a bit.

“When I started the business, I based it on walk-in tubs,” founder Reynald Stringer says, explaining that he used his mobile showroom — a converted van — to drive to residential customer’s homes. “Eventually, though, I figured out that while walk-in tubs were great, the larger market was showers.”

So Reynald adapted. He expanded his line of showers, expanded into serving larger clients and, eventually, opened a showroom.

Today, Reynald and his team, which includes his sister Joselle, have grown to serve residential, commercial and online customers using a mix of innovative marketing techniques and old fashioned hard work. It’s why they’ve been named Bestbath®’s Q2 2017 Dealer of the Quarter.

“We invest a lot in marketing and online marketing, specifically,” Reynald says. “We’re always trying new things: online videos, Google Adwords and on and on. But the best way to sell is just to pick up the phone and get to work. Meeting with customers in person is still very powerful.”

Even the traditional part of their sales approach of calling and meeting is enabled by technology.

“We use Salesforce as our CRM (customer relationship management) system for everything we do,” he says. “All of the calls and appointments are logged there. It helps us be consistent in communicating with customers.”

This consistency yields strong relationships that often last years.

“Maybe it is because we are a family business, but we have really good relationships with customers,” Joselle says.

One relationship they depend on is Bestbath, the bath and shower manufacturer Orca has relied on since shortly after its founding.

“Having Bestbath as a manufacturer has made our job easier,” Reynald says. “In many ways, we consider [our Bestbath sales representative] Ross as a part-time employee. As a small team, we appreciate that extra service.”

Reynald and Joselle also see the product itself as a competitive advantage.

“We see their shower as a superior product,” Joselle says. “It’s an easier sale when you’re proud to sell what you’re offering and what you have confidence in as a long-term solution.”

Even with their dedication to listening and adapting to the market, their investment to marketing innovation and customer service, and the support of Bestbath, both Reynald and Joselle say their success is hard work — every day.

“Like any business, you’ve got to plow through,” Reynald says. “There are just so many obstacles that present themselves. So you get up in the morning and fight that battle and try to put yourself in a position to get a few lucky bounces here and there.”

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