Highlands Hall Project Requirements and the Partnernship with Bestbath: A PCBC Conversation

Edward and Lee discuss the bathing units, the customization requirements and how working with Bestbath made it possible.


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The following is a transcript of the video “Highlands Hall Project Requirements and the Partnernship with Bestbath: A PCBC Conversation” :

Kenneth: So, Stanford is, of course, one of the most important academic institutions on the West Coast. And I think they’re a very important client for architects, for contractors, subcontractors, and manufacturers. So, I just want to talk a little about Stanford University as a client. Now, they were founded in 1885. They have a lot of historic buildings on their campus, but there’s been a lot of construction in the last few decades, and they’re very concerned about their historic legacy but also their contemporary legacy. So this is an institution that really cares about its buildings and its campus. So you both worked at Stanford. Can you tell me a little what they’re like? Why don’t we start with you?

Edward: Well, Stanford came to us and they wanted a particular type of unit to be put in, and there are very few manufacturers that can meet the requirements of what they wanted. So, that’s why…

Kenneth: Now when we’re talking about unit, just for all our listeners, you mean a unit inside the bath, inside the residential unit.

Edward: Right. A shower unit that met specific criteria that Stanford wanted. And the only manufacturer that we could find that could meet that criteria was Bestbath. So our estimator worked with Lee and brought them in, and Lee assessed what they needed and designed the product. They have got to be products made that met Stanford’s tough criteria.

Kenneth: So there were, Lee, how many units were there?

Lee: There were approximately 200.

Kenneth: And so the way the units, the residential units were designed, was that it’s one bathroom for two residents? Is that correct?

Lee: That’s correct.

Kenneth: And so that would be one shower for two residents.

Lee: Each suite, yes.