New Products! January 2019

Bestbath Releases New Line of Extra Tall Showers

Most standard showers are between 72 to 80 inches tall — this release of extra tall showers reach 85 1/4 inches.

New Showers:




Single-Piece, Code Compliant 60″ x 32″ x 82 1/4″ Tub/Shower Combo






Single-Piece, Code Compliant 60″ x 33″ x 85 1/4″ Shower





Single-Piece, Extra-Tall 60″ x 33″ x 85 1/4″ Shower




Bestbath’s Extra Tall Showers

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A Bestbath shower can reach showers reach 97 inches. What do those extra 17 inches mean for designers and homeowners?

Easier Access Ever tried to bathe in a shower that’s too small? A taller shower allows everyone a comfortable bathing experience and the added convenience of installing the shower head within the shower.

Easier Maintenance Spend less time cleaning your shower and more time enjoying it. 17 more inches of shower space means 17 less inches of sheetrock above it to clean, maintain and check for mold.

Easier Customization Create the bathroom you truly want, even down to the small details. With a single-piece model, Bestbath can pre-solder the plumbing tree and factory-install the grab bars, seats, soap dish and even the curtain rod to the correct height so it hangs perfectly.

Seamless Design Extending the height of the shower by a foot or more allows for a seamless design that blends effortlessly into a sleek, modern bathroom.



Bestbath’s extra tall showers stand alone in their industry, going beyond — 17 inches beyond — the conventional standard. They can be an an innovative and beautiful solution for commercial facilities, multi-family homes, student housing and hotel applications.

Curious about how an extra tall shower can help you meet your design goals? Contact your local dealer or regional sales representative for more examples of specific applications.