SpringClip & SnapJoint A fast, secure, and watertight wall installation

Creating a watertight seal on a striking multi-piece shower or tub/shower combination is a snap with Bestbath®.


Over a decade ago, Bestbath engineers developed the SnapJoint, an innovative technology for simplifying the installation of multi-piece showers. Instead of using the traditional pin system, clips are installed along the edge of each wall. When the shower walls are assembled at the job site, the walls can simply be pushed together until they snap.

Today, SnapJoint technology has been incorporated into the walls of nearly all our multi-piece showers and tub/shower combinations, making for an easier, faster, and more sturdy installation.

A close-up of the SnapJoint system shows the plywood backing and a specialized clip that allows the panels to snap tightly together.


With the design of Bestbath’s new 90-degree corners, we needed to redesign the SnapJoint to fit into the new smaller corners. Bestbath engineers created a new installation solution — the SpringClip. As with the SnapJoint technology, the SpringClip is designed to provide a fast and easy installation that maintains its watertight seal. Specialized channeling and clips lock the wall pieces into place and create the tight seal for which Bestbath’s multi-piece shower walls are known.

Available for our 90 degree walls with a subway tile pattern, the SpringClip provides a firm, sturdy wall.

An Easy To Install Wall System

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Utilizing these wall systems ensures water stays in the shower and doesn’t penetrate into the framing wall behind it. However, since no multi-piece wall system is completely waterproof, Bestbath wall systems are designed with a channel behind the wall that funnels any excess moisture into the pan and out the drain. This prevents water from getting into the framing material, which can weaken your walls and cause mold.

To learn more about our engineered wall systems, take a few minutes to watch our video— where we explain in even more detail about the Bestbath shower walls.

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