Bestbath Reveal

by on December 15, 2017

ADA Bathroom Requirements Make Bestbath Reveal a Huge Help for Design & Safety


Reveal extends the structure & finish of the shower walls to make a 90-degree turn.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that bathrooms have an adequate amount of clear floor space in a bathroom. Clear floor space makes it much easier — and safer — for those in wheelchairs or who are otherwise physically challenged.

Creating clear floor space can be particularly challenging in designing an ADA-compliant bathroom layout with showers and baths. After all, most showers and baths are designed to fit within a “pocket” or “alcove” between two framed walls. This means the walls on either side of the shower typically protrude into the floorspace of the shower, reducing accessibility, particularly for those in wheelchairs who need to roll close to the shower entry to transfer themselves onto a bench.

For years, the only solution was to use specialty trim kits or design custom solutions — then hope the framing crew and other contractors got it right. That’s both expensive and impractical.

That’s where Bestbath stepped in, developing the “Reveal” feature.

The Reveal feature allows architects, designers and contractors to more easily create bathrooms that meet code requirements.

Drywall butts up against Reveal.

Here’s how it works:
Bestbath’s Reveal extends the structure and finish of interior walls of the shower to make a 90-degree turn. When finished, the bathroom wall drywall butts up against the Reveal to make a nearly seamless extension of the shower. The result is that the shower’s walls terminate flush with the adjoining framed walls instead of perpendicular with it, providing the clear floor space required and making it much easier for wheelchairs to pull as close as possible to the shower entrance.

For those trying to design or build an ADA-compliant bathroom, the Reveal makes it easier than ever to ensure clear floor space in front of the shower. No need to customize the shower entrance. No need for fancy accessories. When you choose a Bestbath shower with Reveal, it is easy — almost automatic — to create a bathroom that not only meets the intent of the ADA, but also most universal design or aging-in-place goals.

This innovation is a true game-changer for the industry, which has found it to be an ideal solution in commercial, multi-family, student housing and hotel applications, whether new construction or retrofit. Available in showers, shower pans, tubs, and shower/ tub combos— including those with trench drains — the Reveal feature is available in a wide range of designs and uses.

Curious about how Bestbath’s Reveal can help you achieve your ADA and ANSI compliance, universal design or aging-in-place goals? Please contact your local dealer or regional sales representative for more examples of specific applications.

Note: inside dimensions measured at the center points of opposing sides.