Dealer of the Year – Jim Murphy

by on April 12, 2019

When it comes to accessible spaces, Jim Murphy knows what Indiana’s contractors need.

After working as a contractor himself for years, Jim has the first-hand knowledge and the passion of a professional who has done it all before.

Jim’s relationship with Bestbath® stretches back more than 17 years. In 2001, Jim was an experienced contractor at JLM Construction asked to face a new challenge — building a bathroom accessible for people of all needs and abilities.

Never having done this type of project before, Jim wasn’t sure where to start. He decided to purchase Bestbath’s barrier-free showers, having heard of other local contractors making the same choice.

That decision sparked a long-term partnership he still values today. After making his first purchase in 2001, Jim exclusively used Bestbath products to build bathrooms for people with disabilities all over Indianapolis for the next 13 years.


“I’ve just always used Bestbath,” Jim says. “I’ve never thought of anything else.”

~Jim Murphy


Trust and Peace of Mind

For a contractor like Jim, Bestbath’s products combine quality engineering with an accessible design. The full wood backing on Bestbath showers allowed Jim to install the units in one day and easily customize them with accessories like grab bars and shower seats.

Manufactured in the dimensions specified by the ADA, Jim also had peace of mind knowing that his projects would meet code compliance, and that the composite showers themselves would stand up to decades of use.

Keeping all of that in mind, Jim says he’s not sure why contractors would choose any other brand for commercial or residential bathrooms.

“I had seen enough installs done with other products,” Jim says. “No other units had the same level of quality. No one else was really offering the warranties, the durability, or the reinforced walls that Bestbath was.”

Equipped with decades of knowledge, Jim decided to help other Indiana contractors build safer, more accessible bathrooms. In 2014, he started as a dealer of Bestbath products, selling to other local contractors to help them find the right solution for their project — all out of his own home.

Constant Support

After four years, Jim has built strong relationships with contractors who do the same work he once did, all across the state of Indiana. While most of his business comes through word of mouth, Jim is never afraid to hit the pavement, make cold calls and approach potential clients.

He’s proud to say that his customers all know him personally, and that he’s taken the time to meet each of them face to face.

“When they’re a little leery or gun-shy on a project, I’ll drive up to meet them where they are,” Jim says.

It might be long hours and hard work, but Jim believes in the quality of Bestbath’s products. For him, seeing contractors find innovative solutions for their projects makes it all worth it.

“Over 17 years, Bestbath has gone through a lot of changes, but the quality has always stayed the same,” Jim says. “All the people I have worked with along the way have bent over backward for me, giving me the support I need to do the work I do.”