High-End Gym Replaces Showers with High-End Maintenance-Free Solutions

by on May 12, 2017

The Scenario

When Healthquest, an upscale gym in Flemington, N.J., started remodeling its locker rooms, the company had specific requirements in mind: The new showers needed to not only complement the high-end design of the fitness center, but also be low maintenance with no water penetration issues in grout and tile areas. Problems with previous products leaking water had left the Healthquest owner wanting a better solution. John Mannino, Associate AIA, project manager and architect for Cerminara Architect, turned to Bestbath™ to fulfill his clients’ needs.

The Solution

For the scope of the project, replacing all the showers in the women’s, men’s and family locker rooms, leakage and water containment issues were important to Faith Cust, Healthquest’s executive director of operations. The original units had let water in behind the wall, leading to water damage in all the locker rooms. “We didn’t want tile because anything can get behind the shower walls,” Cust adds.

Mannino and his team considered all the products they had worked on in the past in conjunction with the requirements of this project. Nothing met those needs while also offering appealing aesthetics. “We weren’t looking for a hospital-like shower stall,” Mannino adds.

Cal Osborn, Bestbath sales representative, introduced Mannino to the company’s line of TileDesign showers, and he realized it would be an ideal fit for the Healthquest project. Unlike other showers with seams that can expose areas for water seepage, TileDesign “contain a floor and three walls molded together,” Mannino says. “It was a big consideration.”

In addition, the extra colors and the ability to customize with Bestbath products made the showers more appealing for this project. “Most showers are white, almond or bisque. Bestbath offered other options,” he says. “These showers look like granite or solid surface.”

Cust also liked the tile-recess options of TileDesign because they offered a high-end aesthetic look without any chance of leaking which is possible with traditional tile installations. “We made them even more decorative with a tile inlay,” she says. “We have a high-end club so we wanted [the showers] to be decorative.”

The Result

Working closely together, the team added 24 standard showers, six accessible showers and a larger shower in the family locker room that are maintenance-free while boasting luxurious appeal. Earth tones were used in the women’s locker room, and grey showers with green glass tiles were used in the men’s locker room. “Mannino architecturally executed the plan,” Cust says. “He designed what we wanted.” Healthquest now has showers that meet the gym’s high-end design aesthetic without ever needing to worry about tile maintenance.

The architect prides the success of the project on working closely with the Healthquest team. “We don’t push any products on a client,” he says. “We just want to find the best solution. And Bestbath showers did just that.”

Bestbath products are made in the USA and come with a 30-year limited warranty so you can relax knowing you’re covered now and in the future.