Organize the Family Bathroom Once and for All

by on September 14, 2017

by Danyelle Mathews,
Houzz Contributor

Teaching children the art of being organized from an early age is the safest way to save your sanity if you have a type A personality, like me. One of the rooms in our home that can get out-of-hand crazy is the bathroom. Toothpaste, lotions, tissue and towels can easily get strewn out over the countertops, or in the case of the toothpaste, stuck to the bathroom mirror. See how following these simple storage and organization solutions can help your family stay tidy and organized in no time.

Towels and dirty laundry on the bathroom floor is one of my pet peeves. With a laundry hamper inside the bathroom, you, your children and your spouse will have no more excuses when it comes to cleaning up