Pebble and River Stone Shower Remodel

by on March 13, 2019

Natural Beauty + Modern Design

Aging-in-place means keeping the comforts of home within reach — no matter what the golden years may bring.

But all too often, homeowners feel forced to choose between creating a space that’s accessible and creating a space that’s beautiful.

That’s the struggle one retiring couple dealt with as they planned their bathroom remodel. With some innovation and creativity, Marcus Cook installed a beautiful, cost-effective solution that helped meet their aging-in-place goals — all in less than a day.

The Problem

As two homeowners neared retirement, they realized aging-in-place was going to be more difficult than they thought — especially when it came to the bathroom.

The most glaring issue was the shower. They had a traditional tub/shower combo — far from an ideal solution for aging-in-place. The shower threshold was too high, the floors were slippery and the unit was worn down after years of wear and tear.

Gutting the entire shower quickly became the only option.

The homeowners wanted a walk-in shower that is durable and easy to maintain. The last thing they wanted was a plain, standard unit.

The Project

After looking through their options at a showroom, the couple chose a low-threshold Bestbath TileDesign shower pan with a decorative river stone surface. Along with the added accessibility of the shower pan, the homeowners loved the natural look and feel of the stone.

Local subcontractor Marcus Cook installed the project. As the owner of a full-service remodel company with 26 years of experience in the bathroom industry, Marcus and his crew install Bestbath showers like these five times a week.

“No one ever believes me when I say we install these showers in one day,” Marcus says. “It really can be a one-man job, and the design possibilities are endless.”

Marcus installed the shower pan and customized it with the river stone surface in under four hours — nearly half the time he would have spent installing a traditional tile shower.

“When you’re an installer, you want to be in and out of the house as quickly as possible,” Marcus says. “Installing this pan cuts down our time and labor costs tremendously. That makes all the difference when you’re working with just one crew.”

The Result

After less than one day of construction, the couple came home to a bathroom they could use and enjoy for life.

They not only had a shower that complimented their own style and home decor, but also a solution that gave them the ability to age in place within their own home.

Marcus finished the project with confidence, knowing the new shower will last for more than 30 years without leaks, damage or repairs. Trusting in Bestbath’s leak-proof design, he says he had peace of mind in giving the homeowners a better product for a better price.

“It’s a great feeling walking away from a finished project not having to worry about getting a call months later about a leak or water damage,” Marcus says. “We’re always satisfied with these projects and we’ve never once gotten a complaint.”

About Marcus Cook


For the last 26 years, Marcus Cook has been in the business of creating accessible, beautiful bathrooms. He owns All Pro Refinishing and Remodel, a full-service remodeling company that specializes in bathroom remodels.

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