Shower Grab Bars Made Easy by Bestbath

by on March 28, 2017

When it comes to including grab bars in today’s modern shower, no one makes it easier than Bestbath.

Grab bars — key features for universal design and accessibility — are often used in showers or tubs to make them easier and safer to get in and out, reduce the chance of slips and falls and maintain balance while bathing. Bestbath offers a wide range of grab bars to be installed as an aftermarket solution in any shower or pre-installed in Bestbath showers.

Designed (and Built) for Grab Bars
Bestbath showers and baths are designed and built from the ground up with grab bars in mind. Every Bestbath shower is built with an integral wood backing—a layer of wood fully backing the shower walls—for strength and unlimited accessory placement.

This unique construction makes it easy to get proper and secure grab bar placement. Specifically, Bestbath’s design and construction make it possible for you to install grab bars precisely where they are needed directly into wood. There’s no need to search for wall studs or add blocking to comply with most commercial code’s minimum requirement of 250 lbs. dead-hang weight.

This is much different than most shower manufacturers, who typically have no or very spotty wood backing, increasing the risk of poor grab bar placement, improper weight-holding ability and added install costs.

Shower Grab Bars Made Easy by Bestbath

Practical and Attractive
Bestbath’s grab bars come in a variety of styles, from metal to acrylic, and classic shapes to modern curves to code compliant—and all are in an assortment of finishes and lengths so the design palette of the bathroom can continue into the shower. Above all, every grab bar Bestbath carries is designed to be comfortable to the touch while also providing the utmost in safety.

Factory-installed Grab Bars Make Life Easy
Most of our grab bars can be pre-installed in single-piece showers at the Bestbath factory. By ordering showers with grab bars installed you are guaranteed the bars will be mounted according to ADA, ANSI B or Title 24 code for accessibility and safety, saving considerable installation time and money at the job site.

You can find most of Bestbath’s grab bar options on our website, but please feel free to contact us regarding any unique challenges or requests.

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