Solid Wood Backing Make Bestbath® Showers Strong and Durable

by on May 4, 2018

Showers are not all alike. In fact, it’s what you can’t see inside shower walls that sets Bestbath showers above the rest: walls built with fully integrated wood backing to provide strength, durability, and unlimited—and reliable—grab bar and accessory placement.

Added Strength, Added Durability

Showers sold at most big box stores are typically made of a molded acrylic shell and a single coat of fiberglass composite. Because of this construction practice, these shower walls are relatively thin and sometimes wobbly. They lack strength and a solid feel.

The Bestbath design and manufacturing process is different. Our showers are manufactured with a carefully installed layer of wood backing sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass-reinforced resin. You can feel the difference. Press on the walls of a typical big box shower and it will bend inward. Lots of give. In contrast, press on the wall of a Bestbath shower and it feels solid.

Integral wood backing also means installation is easier and normally less expensive. There’s no need for additional material or the labor expense of greenboard or other materials behind the shower. In fact, with Bestbath’s approach, showers can be installed directly to the subfloor or against the studs.

Grab Bars and Accessories—Where You Want Them

If you opt for a cheaper shower that doesn’t have this wood backing, it can mean trouble if you decide in the future to add safety features to your shower. Instead of just installing the grab bars or shower sliders where you’d like – like you can with a Bestbath product – you will likely either have to rip out the shower and install additional framing, or punch a hole in your shower, add the backing, and patch things up.

Whether you do it now or later, adding universal design features such as grab bars, seats, and other accessories to Bestbath shower walls with solid wood backing is easy. You can place bars and accessories where you want them — and always directly into wood — without having to compromise by searching for wall studs or small strips of wood (or no wood at all) commonly used by other companies.

Once installed, you can rest assured the grab bars will have the weight-bearing capability you need.

Attention to Detail Now, Security for the Future

The bottom line? Bestbath’s wood backed showers give you strength now as well as flexibility and durability for the future. The fact is, a new shower or tub is a large investment for our customers. That’s why Bestbath invests so heavily to ensure they exceed your expectations today and for decades to come.