How to Use a Bestbath Grab Bar as a Shower Slide Bar

by on November 14, 2017

Greg Wells, Bestbath’s director of marketing and communications explains the advantages of the company’s code compliant vertical shower sliders.

The following is a transcript of the video “Bestbath – Shower Sliders” :

Hi, I’m Greg with Bestbath. Today I want to talk to you about sliders in a shower, the ones that we typically use everyday that hold the shower wand for you to move up and down to adjust to the right height of the bather.

This is a typical slide bar. This slide bar is mounted vertically. Again, holds the shower wand. You can adjust it up and down for your height. Typically these slide bars are made from thin metal. It works great for a slide bar, but not for safety.

Now at Bestbath, we offer something slightly different. Everybody’s familiar with grab bars that are typically mounted horizontally on the shower wall, designed for safety if you slip and fall. What we offer is you can take the grab bar and you can turn it to be vertical. And we have this special adjuster for the slide. You just adjust it, it’ll slide up and down. Again, works…functions exactly like the slider of a typical shower wand. Again, simply holds the shower wand in it, adjust, it works fantastic.

The difference is the grab bar is designed to hold and support people for safety. If you slip in a shower, it’s designed to hold at least 250 pounds. So if you slip and grab hold of it, it will stay into the shower wall, it’s an added feature. It also doesn’t take room away from the shower wand. It functions exactly the same. You don’t have multiple pieces hanging on the wall. People won’t grab a slider rail by mistake. This one’s there, again, supports ’em. Safety, it works very well.

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