WaterStopper™ Stops Wet Floors

by on March 23, 2017

Bestbath showers are manufactured to exact specifications to ensure safety and to ensure that the water drains properly. For added security, we recommend installing the WaterStopper to keep the water where it belongs – inside the shower. Effectively containing water in a zero entry or barrier-free shower is critical to keeping floors dry and bathers safe.

The WaterStopper from Bestbath. Total water containment for safety and easy access.

The WaterStopper from Bestbath.

But how do you keep water in your shower, where it belongs, without sacrificing ease of access? The answer: Bestbath’s WaterStopper™, the most effective water retention system on the market. Whether stepping in by foot, with the help of a walker, or rolling in with a wheelchair, WaterStopper significantly reduces any chance of trips and slips during entry, exit or on a wet bathroom floor after bathing.

How WaterStopper Works
WaterStopper is a collapsible rubber water dam that flexes when stepped on or rolled over, yet immediately springs back to an upright position to prevent water from coming out of your barrier-free shower. By reducing the possibility of running out the front of the barrier-free shower, WaterStopper keeps water in the shower and directs it where it belongs — the drain.

Even better, when paired with a Bestbath weighted, heavy-duty shower curtain, WaterStopper provides additional protection. The weights built into the bottom hem of the curtain keep it securely in place, preventing “blow out” from changes in air pressure or the shower stream while in use. When used together, the WaterStopper and the weighted curtain create a total water containment system. The water stays in the shower, and the floor outside stays dry and safe.

The WaterStopper can be added to a new or existing (whether composite, tile or anything other material) shower in a matter of minutes, with a minimal amount of do-it-yourself expertise. It is often used in both residential and commercial settings, including in showers for retirement communities, hospitals and more.

Protect Bathers’ Safety and Your Investment
While safety is crucial, water containment risks go beyond injuries caused by slips and falls. Even a small amount of escaped water can cause expensive damage. Mold. Mildew. Rot. The list goes on.

It’s much less costly (and less aggravating) to protect yourself with a professional-grade water containment system now than deal with inevitable mess and expense later.

The WaterStopper Kit – Everything You Need
Made in the USA, Bestbath WaterStopper comes in a variety of lengths and a color choice of grey or beige. And each WaterStopper water containment system ships with a Universal Install Pack, providing everything you need to quickly and easily install the WaterStopper in any low- or no-step or curbless barrier-free entry shower.

Each pack includes:

  • The WaterStopper T-shaped water dam with easy self-stick adhesive back
  • Two sets of end caps (choose the pair that fits your style of shower)
  • Cleaning towelette
  • Adhesive
  • Detailed installation instructions

The WaterStopper from Bestbath—Total water containment for safety and easy access. Contact an authorized Bestbath dealer to order a WaterStopper for your shower.

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